ADR Design and Planning Services brings together the expertise from some of the biggest UK construction and home development companies and commercial architectural design firms. We focus on your specific needs and endeavour to create cost effective architectural designs, plans, models and drawings.

Design and Architecture is our passion. We don’t just produce beautiful CAD drawings; we design, create beautiful and practical building solutions to your needs. We are committed to the design, implementation and applications of renewable energies for ‘Green Buildings’. For example: use of solar energy for heating and hot water, wind energy for electricity, bio-fuel (alternative to gas) and recycled rainwater for home and garden use.

With experience from some of the biggest names in the construction and architectural business we bring expertise with local knowledge and your specific requirements in mind. If your next idea for your proposed project is a new-build home, a home extension, a loft conversion, or even refurbishment works, then Contact us for no obligation initial consultation, where we can discuss your proposals and advise you accordingly ‘free of charge’. When we come to see you, we will give you an outline on what consent/s and permission/s you may or may not require, in order to complete and realise your dream project.